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Crank Lubrication

Grease Fitting
for a Bicycle Crank

Industrial Design by John
"Adding a Grease Fitting
to a Bicycle Crank

For lubrication of two sets of crank bearings without disassembly."

Grease nipple
                  on bicycle frame
You probably didn't know, besides the chain,
that there were other areas that need greasing
on a regular basis on your bicycle.

Items required:
- grease fitting, drill bit, drill, wrench or small socket
- small bolt with same thread as grease fitting
- grease gun

Flip a bicycle over, seat down, pedals up.

Drill into bicycle frame
Drill a small hole, slightly smaller than the grease nipple thread. Keep the drill hole away from left side 3/4" (2 cm) so as not to drill into the bearings.

Grease nipple on
                bicycle frame

Screw a bolt into the hole that has the same thread as the grease nipple. Work around good and remove.

Screw in the grease fitting using downward pressure. Get grease gun and pump about 20 pumps worth of car bearing grease into empty crank shaft area.

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"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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Innovation by John F. Ednie

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During my first year as a paid graphic artist I was asked to design a dish soap bottle (plastic not glass).

first industrial design manufacturedIt was my first industrial design. It was manufactured that same year.

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