Jeunesse et Verite

Central Secondary School buildingCriterion 1967 - Central Secondary SchoolCriterion 1969 - Central Secondary School

1967 to 1969 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Central Secondary School's History

In 1967, Central Secondary School was Ontario's largest school with
a record enrollment of 3,374 students. It was the combined student and
faculty from three former school institutions: F. H. Close Technical Institute,
The High School of Commerce and the Central Collegiate Institute.
Central didn't really have a past or a future.
Central was a collection of teachers, students and talent, for a brief, blink of time.
Central Secondary School was on Wentworth Street.
It operated in two shifts, morning and afternoon.
It's school motto "One for all, and all for one" was changed
to "Youth and Truth*" by the principal, Mr. C.R.A. Day.

* ("Jeunesse et Verite").

class of 1969 at Rockwood, Ontario, Canada, photo courtesy of Drasko Bilic



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