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Layout Design



Some History

Layout starts with: a "Copy writer".*
Generally they are very efficient and take pride in their work. They find visual reference to go along with the copy they prepare. This helps the layout artist organise all the information to prepare a layout for a flyer.

The layout artist needs reference: photography, illustration or the actual product in order to create a layout. A good one which gets the readers attention.

The finished artist uses the layout to prepare the final artwork with the buyer (who requests the flyer design).

In today's world, a graphic designer is expected to be: Copy Writer, Layout Artist and Finished Artist with Photography and Illustration thrown in for good measure. This often works, with varying results.

As can be seen throughout the www today, websites are a standard series of flashy pages with very little content. Which is why "Copy writers" have moved into "blogs".

A return to:

copy writing to start an advertisement

layouts being prepared by a layout artist
(graphic designer), who hires a photographer or illustrator for images

artwork assembly by a finished artist

may one day improve the effectiveness of advertising on the www.

"Three heads are better than one?"

  * Ref.: Letter written in 1967 by John R. Ednie





What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is: colour, size, space and balance applied to typography, image and form, in visual media.
A good page layout is a matter of spacing and balance.







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