Etobicoke Civic Centre Garden and
Casing Stone Hill

Casing Stone Hill
Hidden away behind the Etobicoke Civic Centre buildings, just west of the 427 highway and south of Burnhamthorpe Road, is a large garden. The lawns are kept mowed, the flower beds are looked after and the plants are blooming with white, pink and rose coloured flowers.

Casing Stone Hill

just out side the hill top
Just beyond the centre of the walkway through the garden is a hilltop, open area, to the left of those large windows.
casing stones in lawn
The western edge of the hidden hilltop contains a circular walk way of casing stones, which separate the lawn from the bush, hedges and trees.

overview of casing stone yard
The casing stone walkway has a large magnolia tree at it's centre. East of the tree, across the grass on the hill top, is a weathered enclosure suitable for sitting upon. It covers over a pump on the edge of Casing Stone Hill.

south of the weathered container seat
South of the weathered enclosure, suitable for sitting upon, are hedges and a "y" shaped pathway. The pathway divides the garden into three areas.

looking south east from weathered seating
Further south and east, on Casing Stone Hill, is a view of the garden adjoining the parking lot below.

adjoining the parking lot
Directly south, where the "y" shaped pathway joins the parking lot pathway is the main parking lot below. Beyond the far hedge row is one of the busiest highways in North America, the 427.

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(Photos and commentary courtesy of John Ednie)

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It doesn't take a genius to see that real estate prices are indicating a possible manipulation of investment in certain areas of Canada. Over inflated real estate prices affect all other consumer goods prices. The "players" who are spending a million and a half dollars on a "boarding house" style of home, "going up on a street near you", will have to raise the prices of the services or wholesale goods they sell to make the money to pay those ridiculous real estate prices. (possible good story line here)


a) Have you noticed that most grocery items have doubled in price in a very short time? Like less than a decade?

b) Farmers markets are showing this inflated pricing. On August 8th, 2015, we paid ten Canadian dollars for two small 8 oz. jars of jam. Not too long ago you could get the same quantity of jam for four dollars. But there's a reason.

b2) It's not just the jam. The cost of hardware goods are almost twice what it should be, even though most of those goods are manufactured outside the country. Who doesn't know that transportation fuel prices should be a proper 87 cents a litre price?

c) "Let's get real here real estate sellers and buyers! If you don't start to REDUCE your selling price and purchasing prices, then the economy will do it for you. Soon. And in a way that will hurt a lot more, than you doing it yourself" says a story book character in a fictional meeting of investors. Area of interest/conflict within a novel, as yet unwritten.

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