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Etobicoke Civic Centre Garden and
Casing Stone Hill

Looking west
south of Casing Stone Hill
When you stand on the last casing stone and face south, you're overlooking a walkway rooftop. In the centre of the picture, beneath the two large pine trees is a waterfall and pond.

South of Casing Stone Hill

sout of Casing Stone Hill
Strategically placed picnic table in the shade with a good view of the waterfall and pond.

casing stones in lawn
The waterfall was in operation this day. The pond shows the froth from the descending water down the rock face. To the right is the picnic table in the shade. Behind which is the wall holding up Casing Stone Garden.

building signage
If you turn right from the waterfall and pond, and take a few steps east, you will see this building signage.

south of the signage and east of the waterfall
South of the signage or turn facing right, you will see this entrance. Basically this is where the employee credit union is located and the building and planning department. The days and hours on the glass state: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Closed weekends and holidays. That's why the hidden garden was so quiet when I cycled through it.

bicycle lock box
Okay, this surprised me. It's located just south of the waterfall.

start of the y walkway
When you go north from the waterfall/pond, back to the picnic table and turn right, you will come up this walkway, which is the start of the "y". The third area of the hidden garden is on the left and Casing Stone Hill is behind the garden there to the right.

(Photos and commentary courtesy of John Ednie)

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