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Etobicoke Civic Centre Garden and
Casing Stone Hill

casing stones looking east
If you walk west from the "y" part of walkway and go to the circular casing stone walkway on the south side of the hill top, and turn around, you will see this view looking towards the east. The 427 Highway is hidden beyond the far edge of the parking lot.

Atop Casing Stone Hill

north view from same spot
If you then turn, to look left (north) from the same spot, you will see the start of the casing stone walkway which begins at the bottom of the far staircase. The centre point of the walkway is the large magnolia tree in the fore ground.

casing stones walkway looking west
If you turn left again on the same spot, facing west, you will see the separation of the grassy area from the bush garden. The casing stone walkway is difficult to see but it is the separation between the two.

looking left from edge of casing stone
And just left of centre is the rooftop which is beyond the wall holding up the edge of Casing Stone Garden.

looking west from edge of parking lot
If you walk towards the parking lot which adjoins the hill on the east side, then turn around, you will be facing west and looking up Casing Stone Hill.

garden corner near centre of walkway
You can go up the grassy part of the hill and to the left you will find this flower bed.

Or, if you turn right and look north, you will see the Etobicoke Clock Tower. Beyond the clock tower, west, is a Farmers Market where you can purchase food items such as homemade jam. Every Saturday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

(Photos and commentary courtesy of John Ednie)

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What I observe about the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt.

If you were standing on the top of the Great Pyramid, and looking down, you will see that it has a square foot print. We always see the pyramid from a ground perspective and thus only see the triangles of the sides.

If you hold your arms up to the sky while standing in the very middle of the top of the pyramid, you will most certainly feel a prickly sensation of electricity. A large metal triangle was set up there in modern times, to disipate this phenomenon.

The four sides of the pyramid are lined up exactly with north, south, east and west.

Each side of the pyramid is a triangle which is made up of two triangles. This effect can be seen when the sunlight is directly along the face of the side to reveal it.

If you look at the construction of the pyramid, you will notice it is built layer upon horizontal layer, using massive rectangular blocks of stone which are the same height. There are many layers, each getting progressively smaller to form the pyramid shape. This building technique is interesting as the passageways inside the pyramid are not built in layers, but rather cut through the layers in sharp angles which are all perfectly straight. Nothing has shifted through the centuries to distort the perfectly aligned passageways which angle up and down inside the pyramid.