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Freezer Box used as a Reservoir to supply a Toilet Water Closet

Industrial Design by John
"This is a "rough, hammer it together prototype."
To test as a working model: 

New, it's
                        working see pics below
PURPOSE: supplement or replace city supply water to toilet, with on site water

A) Used, big box freezer is a good outside water closet (it's insulated)

B) Top lid allows for over flow and keeps bugs out

C) Existing freezer drain is utilized for both entry of sump water and exit of supply to toilet water closet

D) is the pipe connection to toilet water closet

E) is the entry point for water from sump pump (pipe from sump pump is equipped with back flow valve.)

top part of illustration
middle part of illustration
bottom part of illustration

Reservoir Tank must be higher than water closet on toilet as this is a gravity feed system. Outside installation ONLY.

The freezer box was first filled with water and left overnight to check for leaks.
With no leaks found, it was drained and hoisted onto a platform which had been constructed a week earlier. Nothing has been modified on the big box freezer.

It is estimated that full, the
freezer box reservoir  holds approximately 23 toilet flush volumes. The water supply for the freezer box is the basement "well" emptied on demand by an electric sump pump.

overall view of freezer box reservoir outside on
                  elevated platform

The sump pump supply was being discharged underground into the backyard to keep the basement from flooding. Although this connection was rerouted to the box reservoir, it can easily be reconnected to the underground discharge pipe for the winter.

The question: "Why waste all that good water?"

elevated platform for Big Box

The supply pipe is connected to the drain hole on the big box freezer using a 1" long steel bearing pipe (as it was smaller diameter) which fit tightly into the round drain hole. 1/2" copper pipe was too larger to fit, but was soldered to the smaller bearing pipe (not shown).

The same supply piping used to fill the
big box freezer reservoir from the sump pump is used to supply water to the toilet via a connection using rolled 1/2" plastic utility pipe (tubing?).

                  piping on Big Box

A shut off tap is set between the supply pipe to big box freezer reservoir and the toilet supply pipe.

                  pipe and taps in basement The city water supply is regulated by a tap shown on the right. The incoming reservoir water from the tap on the lower left. (this is in the basement, below the toilet)

The two taps allow:
  1.     Switching between city water and freezer box reservoir supply
  2.     Back flushing the Big Box supply line to remove air from the line all the way back to the Big Box. (by opening both taps at the same time)
  3.     Isolating the toilet from both the city water supply and the freezer box reservoir supply as the need arises.

As the city water supply is much higher in psi than the
freezer box reservoir supply via gravity flow, no freezer box reservoir supply water can "infect" the rest of the house supply.

In regular use, neither taps are on at the same time. City water is used when the Elephant Reservoir runs dry. Supply is changed manually using the taps.

We moved it away from the house:

relocated Big Box freezer used as water

A simple enclosure using lattice sheeting would hide the "ugly" parts of the Elephant Reservoir plumbing and stand. Although I like to see how it's put together.

The freezer is not used electrically, the compressor can be removed or left in box.

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"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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During my first year as a paid graphic artist I was asked to design a dish soap bottle (plastic not glass).

first industrial design manufacturedIt was my first industrial design. It was manufactured that same year.

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