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Industrial Design by John
Industrial Design by John F. Ednie

Amateur class.
No engineering degree. Just an eye for detail and the ability to build prototypes.

It's all about imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and an extreme amount of joy and frustration, followed by satisfaction.

I-Design 12 - underground wind turbine

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is: application, size, form and balance applied to materials: metal, wood, plastic, glass etc. to create physical function.

Hidden Wind Turbine  

or do they . . .

ELECTRIC: wind generator / turbine in disguise

The left silo has the air intake and the right silo has the air exhaust.

How does it work?

Air is moving from left to right (wind) and this creates pressure in the left silo opening which channels the moving air down to a hidden wind turbine in the ground.

Air moving from left to right (wind) creates a vacuum on the opening of the right silo which helps to draw air out of the silo.

Both silo air channels rotate hortizontally to adjust for shifting wind direction.

Everyone is "okay" with silos on the farm, in the country. They are more familar looking than wind turbines. Silos are acceptable images to see on the landscape (and cheaper to construct).

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