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Industrial Design by John
2004 - A motor added to a bicycle requires balance,
strength and safety.

                bicycle design

The strongest mounting point on a bicycle is not the frame but rather the pedal area. Fixing a platform over the pedals not only allows for foot safety while in motion but also a good mounting area and pivot point for the engine. This is: a rubber roller making contact with the rear tire, type of propulsion. Not a chain drive.

Don't be put off with the idea that everything has already been done. Give yourself some joy in life and go at a concept from your viewpoint. Design it Again.

Case in point: Motorbicycle

This one took three prototypes to make before the final design took shape. Four different methods of getting the power from the engine to the bicycle were tried before finding one that would work.

If you think there must be a better way to do something, do it.

This year 2013, nine years later:

motorbicycle April 2013
Here's the motorbicycle nine years later. Lots of wear and tear and sporting a mirror, improved muffler system, new kick stand and shock absorbing front forks. Plus a very soft seat.

The orange carburetor cover mounting areas broke and I'm studying a method to secure it back on. Been riding with it off for now.

The left foot rest is narrower than the right to make it easier to put foot on the ground when stopped. The motorbicyle leans left when stopped.

motorbicycle front April 2013
motorbicycle front April 2013

I would encourage anyone to attempt to recreate something that they think "has already been done before". Just because someone else did it, doesn't mean you can't get some enjoyment out of taking a fresh approach to the same item too. The enjoyment is in the designing and making it work.
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Here's some of the one's I had fun with:

One of a kind 5 ft. high bed frame
One of a kind storage tank for toilet water
One of a kind motorbicycle
One of a kind patio bench
Rackcycle Bag Carrier for Bicycles
"Twopopson" Bicycle hand shield
Upgrading Bicycle lubrication point

Try my innovative way to make a cup of fresh brewed coffee: see here

"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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Innovation by John F. Ednie

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Industrial Design by John F. Ednie

Amateur class.
No engineering degree. Just an eye for detail and the ability to build prototypes.

It's all about imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and an extreme amount of joy and frustration, followed by satisfaction.

I-Design 1 - Motorbicycle

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