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a Bench

Industrial Design by John
A wooden bench or deck chair is often only used for few minutes.

deck chair by John Ednie

This bench was created using materials left at the curb. (Wood and hardware which made a bed frame and head board.)
Comfort is less of an issue for a bench, as to convenience.
It must safely allow a person(s) to sit down for a moment to tie a shoelace, or wait for someone before an outing.

I was out for some exercise one day, when I saw a pile of wood left at the curb for trash day. I just knew it could be the raw materials for repairing a rotting bench on my patio. So I rode my bicycle back home, fired up the station wagon and went back to save the wood. I met two others out for exercise as I began to put it into my car. They smiled and encouraged me to do something with it, to save it from the trash.

Once I looked at the beautiful wood. . .
I decided to take a repair job and turn it into a nice new piece of furniture. One of my ancestors was a well known furniture designer, maybe a bit of that was in me. I think it was . . . is.

Taking rough measurements from the older bench and adding in some of my own ideas yielded this two seat bench.

                  chair by John Ednie

Designed and built, full size, working model.

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"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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Innovation by John F. Ednie

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Industrial Design by John F. Ednie

Amateur class.
No engineering degree. Just an eye for detail and the ability to build prototypes.

It's all about imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and an extreme amount of joy and frustration, followed by satisfaction.

I-Design 1 - Motorbicycle

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