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Industrial Design by John
Bicycle Hand Shield: For Cold Weather Bicycle Riding Comfort.

air defector
                  on handle bars

Air deflector: you can make this Twopopson which will keep your hands from freezing. 

pop bottle
First, you find an empty plastic 2 litre pop bottle. Remove the old pop by washing out with clean water.

Second, remove the paper label.

                  pop bottle
Third, with a good pair of scissors, cut the bottom off. Discard the bottom piece.

                      pop bottle

Forth, the tricky part. Using Tin-snips (metal cutters) carefully cut out the neck of the bottle leaving more than half of the screw area intact.
Then cut out the easier bit with a good pair of scissors. Discard the smaller piece.
Note: a hack saw will work too.
Warning: trying to cut the neck using a sharp knife will almost guarantee you a nasty cut. For safety, don't use a knife.

air defector on handle bars
Clip on to your bicycle's handle bar.
The plastic is flexible and movable in the cold.

If you left more than half of the screw area intact then it will clip on securely. If you left too much of the screw area on it will be difficult to press over the bar. You can trim more of the shield area to custom fit around the brake arm.
(Repeat method for second one.)

I would encourage anyone to attempt to recreate something that they think "has already been done before". Just because someone else did it, doesn't mean you can't get some enjoyment out of taking a fresh approach to the same item too. The enjoyment is in the designing and making it work.
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Here's some of the one's I had fun with:

One of a kind 5 ft. high bed frame
One of a kind storage tank for toilet water
One of a kind motorbicycle
One of a kind patio bench
Rackcycle Bag Carrier for Bicycles
"Twopopson" Bicycle hand shield
Upgrading Bicycle lubrication point

Try my innovative way to make a cup of fresh brewed coffee: see here

"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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Innovation by John F. Ednie

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Industrial Design by John F. Ednie

Amateur class.
No engineering degree. Just an eye for detail and the ability to build prototypes.

It's all about imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and an extreme amount of joy and frustration, followed by satisfaction.

I-Design 3 - Bicycle Hand Shield

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