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Planning is often a hindrance for innovation

Innovation starts with a statement: "There must be a way to do this." Then an idea: "What about making a "thingy" that would do it." The next step might be a rough drawing on a napkin, before a "hands on" "knock it together" prototype. This is done in the garage, late at night using some of the junk collected over the years. Planning at this stage would most certainly loose the idea in a sea of frustration.

                          Design by John It never stops amazing me how often "jumping straight in" to prototype generates solutions and innovations I could never have imagined at a planning stage on paper.  

Innovative Design by John F. Ednie

An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use".

Toilet Supply   Motorbicycle   Furniture   Bicycle Accessory
  Deflector   Crank Oiler
Freezer box water storage   motorized bicycle design   deck
                            chair by jfe   Rackcycle RC7 Bag Carrier for Bicycles   air
                            defector on handle bars   Grease nipple on bicycle frame

One of a kind storage tank for toilet water


One of a kind motorbicycle

  One of a kind patio bench   RC7 Bag Carrier for Bicycles
  "Twopopson" hand shield   Upgrading lubrication point

Just because it has been done before, doesn't mean you can't build one yourself.
It's all about imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and an extreme amount of joy and frustration, followed by satisfaction.
coffee coffee
Try my innovative way to make a cup of fresh brewed coffee: see here.

Innovative Design