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Planning is often a hindrance
at the start
of an innovation

Industrial Design by John
"There must be a way to do this."
Then an idea: 

"What about making a "thingy" that would do it." The next step might be a rough drawing on a napkin, before a "hands on" "knock it together" prototype. This is done in the garage, late at night using some of the junk collected over the years. Planning at this stage would most certainly loose the idea in a sea of frustration.

It never stops amazing me how often "jumping straight in" to making a first prototype, generates solutions and innovations I could never have imagined at a planning stage on paper.

I would encourage anyone to attempt to recreate something that they think "has already been done before". Just because someone else did it, doesn't mean you can't get some enjoyment out of taking a fresh approach to the same item too. The enjoyment is in the designing and making it work.
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Here's some of the one's I had fun with:

One of a kind 5 ft. high bed frame
One of a kind storage tank for toilet water
One of a kind motorbicycle
One of a kind patio bench
Rackcycle Bag Carrier for Bicycles
"Twopopson" Bicycle hand shield
Upgrading Bicycle lubrication point

Try my innovative way to make a cup of fresh brewed coffee: see here

"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before" or enhancing the "already in use". "

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Innovation by John F. Ednie

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During my first year as a paid graphic artist I was asked to design a dish soap bottle (plastic not glass).

                  industrial design manufacturedIt was my first industrial design. It was manufactured that same year.

A word of caution:
unfortunately you will not receive any encouragement from those in "your world". It's well documented that 99% of people will think what you're attempting to innovate is "stupid". They will heap lots of negativity in your direction. And it get's worse if you attempt to try and take it into the marketplace to get it manufactured.
It's best to try and keep what your plans are to yourself, and find nice quiet place to enjoy your project.
That said, you will get great satisfaction working on each phase of your innovation. When the day comes to actually use it, just begin to use it yourself.
If it's really a worthwhile innovation, it will probably get copied or stolen from you.
Ask me how I know?  lol

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