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(World Wide Web)

What is your advantage to having a website in today's marketplace?

No. 1 reason is: making your enterprise known to other businesses searching for you.

No. 2 reason is: cost. Websites are the most cost effective way to advertise your enterprise and monthly events or shows.

No. 3 reason is: keeping in touch with existing customers as they provide you with new customers.


Putting up a website on the www requires four things:

your domain address your website home page a server where you website gets served to visitors google Mars logo

Domain Name
to put in
Url Address
Home Page (text file)
other website pages
Page server, often called
web hosting
which is a
computer used to "serve" your
website to www visitors
Getting your Url Address
listed on Google or
other search sites so
people can find your
One Cost $

Registering dot ca
Another Cost $

Graphic Design
Text (content)
Html coding
Another Cost $

Placing pages
Linking images
Organizing files in
1 place
Another Cost $

Creating text and
coding and links
that search sites
require before listing
your website

John Ednie does all this for you and maintains / revises content to keep your customers informed. On Going Costs include:
  •   Yearly fees for web-hosting
  •   Yearly fees for domain name
  •   Revision fees to a Webmaster
What is a Webmaster?

A person skilled in the art of designing, registering and putting up websites and maintaining them.




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