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"innovation always leads the way. . . "
"As I find them, I add them."

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Innovation for fun
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I believe the reason for putting yourself "out for viewing" your own projects is for two reasons:

1. To keep track of what you've been doing over the years
2. To offer encouragement to others to find that spark of innovation and creativity which lives within them.

I consider reason 2. to be the most important in today's shifting talents. I think it is almost a crime to see the innovative skills and manufacturing skills, slowly and methodically being taken away from the next generation of youth in Canada. When the last machine shop finally shuts it's doors in Ontario, that will be the sign that we've all lost an important part of who we are. That lost ability to supply ourselves, from our own resources, will put us back into "serfs" and "tenants" situation, our ancestors escaped from, in the early years of becoming a nation.

To the youth of today, I would offer: "learn all you can from your grandfather's and father's. It may just be your salvation, to keep you self sufficient through all of your life."

"So, those are the observations I have, on that."


the author
I.H.S. by John F. Ednie

the author
  John in St. Kitts, Ontario

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