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Journey to Oakville Boarding Stables 
-  John F. Ednie

It wasn't like I didn't know in advance I would be driving to a horse stable on a Thursday in September. Five days earlier the plan had been set. Then the day arrived. Imagine my surprise when I checked the clock and found I should have left the office fifteen minutes earlier. Imagine my dismay when I found myself driving at a snails pace for another fifteen minutes just to reach the highway. It was the start to a beautiful afternoon.

I arrived only eight minutes later than planned. Greeted by three large dogs who wanted to play fetch with something that might have once been a tennis ball, I smiled.

The office was unattended. So was the main house. After a short look in the wood shed I heard a small voice "over here!" Wondering where "over here" might be, I walked in a large circle with my hands covering the sun light from my eyes. Ah, there was a shadow in the second barn moving across an open door. "Must be the one," I muttered to myself.

Once inside, I heard the screech of tires behind me and a large individual emerged from a truck, briskly walked up, challenged me as to who I was and was that my car parked out front. I assured him I had an appointment and yes that was my car. He looked relieved and smiled.

I turned and introduced myself to the veterinarian who was busy looking over the second of four horses. I had brought the paperwork for him to properly identify the horses. However he also had the same paperwork, so all bases were covered as far as identity goes. I texted the owner of the horses who asked me to step in and make sure all was going as planned.

Then I texted again. Several times more. And always when I figured I was done, the cell phone would beep an alert that there was one more text waiting.

On the ninth exchange of text messages, I finally accepted I was not going be there for ten minutes, but 45 minutes. The vet left the stables before me. I sat in my car waiting for another text which never came. So I sent out a few to family and waited some more. All was silent.

Sun was nice. Lots of birds chirping in the trees. Gentle breeze came in through the window. I shifted in my seat. Looked around a bit. The phone was silent. It was a beautiful afternoon.